Feeding Therapy

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The ability to eat is one of our most fundamental yet complex needs. If a child is having difficulty eating or is refusing to eat, it can impact all other areas of their life.


Our Feeding Clinic staff includes speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists that are passionate about determining the best treatment options to improve feeding and swallowing habits, as well as quality of life.


We often collaborate with physicians, dietitians, and other specialists to provide the most well-rounded treatment plan.

Our skilled therapists provide treatment for:

Fussy and/or Picky Eaters with overactive gag

Sensory-Behavioral feeding concerns

Poor weight gain or failure to thrive

GI tract re-construction surgeries

Breastfeeding or bottlefeeding concerns

Tongue tie or lip tie concerns

Chewing and swallowing concerns

Neurological disorders: related facial muscle weakness, low tone, spasticity, and cerebral palsy


NG-tube or G-tube Feeders

Cranio-facial anomalies such as cleft-lip and palate