Augumentative and Alternative Communication


TheraCare is the only Medicaid-approved AAC Evaluation site in Southwest Missouri!

Services are provided by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and include collaboration with the family and other service providers.


We serve clients in schools, nursing facilities, and in their homes. We receive referrals from individual therapists, schools districts, special educators, client advocates, service coordinators, physicians, nursing homes, Regional Centers, and Independent Living Centers. Family members are also welcome to contact our clinic to get the referral process started.


We provide individualized assessments, training, treatment, and consultations for pediatric and adult clients presenting with congenital or acquired communication disorders that impede ability to effectively communicate with others.

How it works!

Evaluations and assessments are performed by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in augmentative and alternative communication. Other collaborative members may include occupational therapists, other speech-language pathologists, special educators, and more.

Results – Many individuals have been enabled to overcome barriers in their day-to-day lives at home, in school, in the workplace, and in the community. A variety of alternative communication devices are available during assessment procedures and may be recommended for trial or extended use after the evaluation.

Training – We recognize the importance of a comprehensive approach to AAC. User and caregiver commitments to follow-up are necessary to facilitate functional device usage across communication environments. For this reason, we offer a unique therapy program for AAC users and their support team. Our program is catered to the needs of each individual, but typically includes 6-8 follow-up therapy/training sessions constructed to provide functional communication opportunities for the user and programming support for caregivers.


Specialized training off-site for other members of the team can be arranged upon request.

Disclaimer: TheraCare Outpatient Services and its employees do not have any financial relationship with, nor will receive any other gain from the manufacturer of any recommended devices or equipment.