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Dyslexia and Multisensory Learning

reasons to continue private therapyFor individuals with Dyslexia, traditional learning methods, like sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher talk, are not always the most effective. Multisensory learning strategies may provide the best way for those with dyslexia to learn and retain information — plus, its fun!

Multisensory learning can integrate any combination of visual, auditory, tactile (touch), and kinesthetic (movement) elements. Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Trying to memorize a list? Put the items to the tune of your favorite song.
  2. Use visuals-pictures, paintings, videos, graphs, etc.
  3. Audiobooks and text to speech apps are great alternatives for traditional books
  4. Use manipulatives like letter tiles, clay, shaving cream, magnets, etc. when practicing spelling
  5. Pair motor movements with literacy tasks — air writing letters/words/numbers

With these tools, learning and retention of information can be fun and engaging, reducing the stress and frustration often felt by individuals with dyslexia. Happy learning!