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3 Songs, No Prep! Making Music Fun at Home

Written by: Allison Slone 

We all know that music is good for our kids. In fact, it can improve virtually every area of development: intellectual, social, emotional, motor, language, and literacy. But what if you’re not one of those Pinterest-y moms who enjoys creating rainbow sticks from tree bark and freshly-squeezed berry juice? Fear not, parents. Here are three songs you already know with a few easy ways to punch it up a notch—while keeping your sanity.

  1. “Old McDonald Had a Farm” – Use your toy farm animals you already have on hand to aid comprehension and boost the fun. For example, hide all the animals behind your back and pull one forward at a time as you sing “And on that farm he had a ________”. Wait for your child to say the animal’s name, then have them use the pig to oink, the cow to moo, etc.
  2. “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” – We all know the hand motions to the itsy-bitsy spider. Switch it up by having the GREAT BIG spider climb up the water
    spout (just like the itsy-bitsy motions, just WAY bigger). You can also try the “grumpy grouchy” spider by changing your voice and facial expression, the “silly, wiggly” spider, or anything else you and your child can come up with!
  3. “5 Little Monkeys” – Okay, this one is more of a chant, but you can easily turn it into a song. Get your body moving by acting out the story. How high can your child jump (off the ground, of course)? Can they grab their heads? Pretend to use the telephone? See who can use the strictest doctor voice to say, “NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!” Don’t forget to have your child count down from 5 each time a monkey falls off the bed.

Take some time each day to sing songs and be silly with your kids! After all, it’s WAY more fun than folding laundry.