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Orofacial Myology

If you have a tongue thrust, tongue-tie or a reverse swallowing pattern, this specialized treatment targets the abnormal resting postures along with function of the oral and facial muscles.

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Pediatric Care

Our pediatric therapists think that meeting little ones and finding fun ways to complete therapy is the best job you could ever ask for. At TheraCare, we are happy to provide services for children of all ages.

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Adult Care

Therapy for adult clients integrates the needs and functions of daily living for you and your loved ones. Our therapists will ensure that the goals of your therapy are targeted to the unique individual.

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Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD) include concerns related to abnormal resting postures and function of the oral and facial muscles. An atypical swallowing pattern, often referred to as “tongue thrust”, can be a result of these issues. Although this sounds like a simple tongue problem, areas of difficulty with coordination and patterning include mastication (chewing), bolus formation/collection, and transport of the bolus posteriorly. During this atypical swallowing pattern, the tongue will push forward against or between the teeth. When the tongue positions itself this way, it may have an adverse affect on the position of the dentition, craniofacial development, the orofacial soft tissue complex, and coordination patterns of all the associated musculature.

Contributing factors to OMDs may include upper airway obstruction (enlarged adenoids/tonsils, allergies, sinus obstruction), non-nutritive sucking habits (thumb/finger sucking, extended use of a sippy cup or pacifier, bruxing and clenching of the dentition and facial muscles, nail biting), tongue-tie, and abnormal shape or growth of the palate/roof of the mouth.

Tongue-tie is a condition where the lingual frenum is too restrictive, not allowing full range of motion and function. This restriction can cause dental, speech and skeletal changes (jaw and palate formation).

Due to the specialized nature of treatment for OMDs, we work closely with a variety of healthcare professionals. This may include: pediatricians, otolaryngologists, dentists, orthodontists, maxial-facial surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, and allergists.


Comprehensive assessment is the first step to effective intervention. This includes an individual, in-depth evaluation of all areas of concern within the scope of practice for a speech language pathologist.

The individual’s age and nature of the concern or disorder help guide the therapist when determining the most appropriate assessment procedures. All assessments include clinical observations as well as standardized and/or non-standardized evaluation tools. Upon completion of testing, a diagnosis is formulated and a comprehensive report is written. The results of the assessment are discussed with the patient. We then work closely together to develop an individualized Plan of Care outlining the course of treatment.

Frequency and duration of treatment sessions is customized to meet each person’s individual needs. Therapy is a family commitment and therefore may require training and home program activities. The best outcomes for therapy are found when the therapist, patient, and family work together as a team.


Occupational therapy can help your child address the difficulties in play and self-care skills that may be interfering with their ability to fully enjoy and participate in daily activities. Whether your child struggles with coordination skills, has difficulty integrating vision and motor tasks together, or is impacted by sensory processing dysfunction, occupational therapy can address these concerns in a fun and child-centered environment, making therapy seem more like play than work.

Occupational therapy builds confidence and self-esteem while addressing the whole individual by promoting self-regulation and independence in daily living skills.


Our assistive technology team provides individualized assessments, evaluations and recommendations for pediatric and adult clients presenting with:

-Communication disorders that impede their ability to effectively communicate with others;

-Motor or physical disabilities that prevent them from accessing a standard computer or communication device

-Work related injuries that require modification of job tasks or means to control their environment.


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TheraCare Outpatient Services partners with clients and families to provide therapy in a safe, caring environment with a focus on improving quality of life and confidence.

We follow an individualized approach to therapy that is designed to meet the needs of individuals of all ages. Our timely and effective services include up-to-date therapy techniques and modalities.


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