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Targeted Therapy Services

At TheraCare we are able to serve clients in need of Speech, Occupational, Physical and Music Therapy. Our talented team of professionals work one-on-one to determine the best action plan for each person.

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Behavioral Therapies

  ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis can provide significant improvement to behaviors of children and adults with autism. These therapies can be used to provide structure and implement change to encourage healthy behaviors.   

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Educational Resources

TheraCare serves as an educational resource to students with Dyslexia. We provide screening and treatment by Speech Therapists. Advanced Processing therapies and even Handwriting courses. We also work with Public and Private schools to provide contact therapy services.       

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Our Mission

TheraCare Outpatient Services partners with clients and families to provide therapy in a safe, caring environment with a focus on improving quality of life and confidence.

We follow an individualized approach to therapy that is designed to meet the needs of individuals of all ages. Our timely and effective services include up-to-date therapy techniques and modalities.


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Top 5 Things to Know About TheraCare’s Summer Intensive Speech Therapy Program

Summer is just around the corner. Almost time for cook outs, pool parties, ice cream trucks and a whole lot of speech and language therapy.  Wait…what?

Did you know that TheraCare is offering an intensive speech and language therapy program this summer in TWO locations?  Here are five answers to our most frequently asked questions about TheraCare’s Intensive Summer Program:

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Melanie made speech therapy personal and engaging while targeting areas that helped improve my skills and function, as well as increasing my level of confidence. I’m so grateful for the services she provided to me and would recommend her to anyone seeking therapy services.


Since we started bringing our child to TheraCare, we have seen vast improvements in her speech intelligibility. Melanie, owner and Speech Pathologist, has devised a program that caters to our child’s personal needs and speech goals. After two years in less successful speech programs, we have been amazed at the rapid pace of improvement our child is making at TheraCare. Melanie is not only wonderful at interacting with our child but genuinely celebrates with us in the successes, big or small. Her approach is always fun and inviting and for our family, TheraCare has provided the best approach for our child’s needs.

Ryan and Heather D.

Melanie Stinnett has an excellent depth of knowledge in the full variety of speech and language concerns faced by children and adults. She is a high quality provider who strives to ensure each client’s treatment plan is individualized to meet the needs of the client and family.

Dr. Linda Barboa (author of Stars in Her Eyes)



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